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Retainer or Purchase of Service

Wood Creative Group operates on retainer agreements or work for hire contracts. This is to say, the client is purchasing various services from Wood Creative Group. Estimates and jobs are calculated on a varying cost per hour basis. The client is charged per hours of work completed by Wood Creative Group and any costs associated with the job (equipment rental, domain purchasing, hosting package purchasing, social media paid advertising, etc.) are the responsibility of the client.

Example Social Media/Website Pricing Breakdown

We usually work out a flat rate for the initial overhaul, that depends on if you're becoming a client or just need work done:

1. If you're becoming a client, the overhaul fee is lower as it is paired with monthly subscription fee for the live service all day, everyday. As per mentioned, it's a creative web service, so we can build logos, new ideas, pages and more! All a client needs to do, is send an email or text with their event, edits, posts or more; and we get right to work. Most times we complete the work same day!

Example 1: The client (Tim Sheffield Music) agrees to pay Wood Creative Group $150 on a monthly basis for 24 hour monitoring and editing of his website and social media pages. This includes creating posts, scheduling events, doing thank you posts with media and marketing future events, responding to messages and updating of social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) the website(TimSheffield.com) and other event pages (musicfly.ca).

2. If you just need the work done, no problem. This would include any and all social media pages and websites. Wood Creative Group then releases all social media pages and websites back to the client to run and maintain. An invoice for the time worked is generated and sent to the customer with payment easily available through Etransfer or cheque.

Example 2: The client (OPTTA) contracts Wood Creative Group on a need-be basis for editing of their website. OPTTA sends a detailed list of changes (including copy and media) to Wood Creative Group and a quote and deadline is generated. Once both parties agree to the quote in writing, the work is completed and payment is done through Etransfer or cheque.

The client agrees that, the monthly fee is negotiable to an increase in cost per the amount of increase of traffic and work load for Wood Creative Group. Monthly fee increases must be agreed upon by both parties.

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